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I help businesses and individuals to improve their online and offline image thanks to my expertise on photography and videography.

For photography is a universal language, one which doesn’t require any translation, one whose alphabet is written in the language of emotions and whose stories compose a beautiful symphony of sensations.

I’m Aitor Lamadrid, the one in the photo, and I’ve been dedicating myself to photography and videography for years now.

I found my vocation when I was quite young: Impact the world through conveying emotions via photography in order to contribute to the society awareness.

Meet Aitor

What advantages do you have when working with me?

Speed and punctuality in the content delivery

My experience gives me the ability of making my job in a precise and agile way, which turns into an asset for my clients. Probably my punctuality to deliver the content will suit your needs.

Payment Terms
  • Through bank transfer
  • 50% at the moment of the hiring
  • 50% at the moment of the delivery
Delivery Terms
  • Up to 5 days for photography
  • Up to 10 days for videography
Delivery Format
  • Online – WeTransfer
  • Offline – Adaptable to the client’s need
  • I can move to the site demanded
  • In-time delivery anyhow
I Make Photography
I Make Videography

What you have to win


What you have to lose


If you are not satisfied with the service

We’ll proceed to the refund of the entire amount you paid

Looking for the fine print? There’s none, just a good service.

Differentiating Factor

How am I different from any other photographer?


First of all, because of my special sensibility for conveying emotions through my images and videos.


Secondly, because of my experience and the professional yet trustworthy relationships I develop with my customers.

We hired Aitor Lamadrid for our workshop in Barcelona. He was extraordinarily professional, flexible, and he'd come up with a lot of great ideas for capturing the most important moments. I would recommend him without hesitation for any professional project or private event. He's a truly wonderful person with who to work.

Laura BelgradoProject Manager, Mars Inc.

Photographing wild animals is always a challenge. Aitor captured with special sensibility and a very personal style the life that vibrates here at Zoo de Barcelona in numerous photographies and videos that have helped us to show our work with our very diverse species and their relationship with their keepers and the visitants.

Maria JosepHead of Marketing, Zoo de Barcelona

We organized a mountain race with more than 1000 participants and Aitor with his team have done our video in various editions. The result has always been spectacular, and the relationship has always been of maximum professionality. A 10.

Toni Font Martí

Super profesional relationship and quality. Working with this great photographer is really simple. He has a very special way of capturing light even in difficult photos like the action and sports photographies (with athletes in constant movement).
I've had the opportunity of working with him up to 6 times and he's always been a 10.

Laura Celdrán SubielaAthlete and Project Manager at UVE

Very professional photographer, not only with photography but also in the relationship he develops with his customers. 100% recommendable, especially for sports and action photography.

Pol TarrésProfessional Extreme Enduro Athlete

What can I offer to you?


Capturing nature, from the small particularities up to the majestic. I can help magazines, safaris, natural parks or even associations to convey their message to the rest of the world.

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High-quality translation of the passion, energy, and action into images for the rest of the world. I can help businesses with sports-related products for their advertisement campaigns and online content. Bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, and nutrition.

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Documentation of an event in order to promote or transmit an idea, product, or service. I can help to document the opening of new facilities, presentation of new products, or even fashion shows.

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