Aitor Lamadrid

Barcelona, 1995

Photography is a universal language, one which doesn’t require any translation, one whose is written in the language of emotions.
Emotions are synonymous of life, and my life is photography.

I’m Aitor Lamadrid, the one in the photo as you may guess, and I’ve been dedicating myself to photography and videography for years now.

I found my vocation when I was quite young: Impact the world through conveying emotions via photography in order to contribute to the society awareness.

Additionally, I’m deeply passioned about extreme sports and nature — specifically wildlife. In many occasions I’ve had the opportunity of merging my vocation with my passions, working with brands such as Red Bull Spain, Solo Bici, Megamo Bicycle, Akommo, among others.






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My mission is to wake up emotions in other people’s inner self through my photos in order to convey powerful and meaningful messages, helping people along the way.
I see a future where people are conscious of the global situation in the sustainability and social aspects of reality, with an emotional implication.
In order to carry out my job I follow a series of values that I consider fundamental on any type of relationship for it to be productive: transparency, honesty, and respect.

Experience with Red Bull Spain

Photography + Filmmaking – Eventos & Sports

The first occasion that I collaborated with redbull Spain was at the beginning of April 2017, when I contacted David Cachon to offer my services to cover one of the most important Downhill (MTB) races organized in Spain: the Spanish Open 2017 Downhill MTB in Sant Andreu de la Barca, in Barcelona. David offered me the opportunity to publish a photographic report in Wallride Magazine and create a post for Red Bull Spain (link to the report). From that experience I kept in touch with the Red Bull Spain marketing team and throughout the year 2018 I was making reports of their events in Barcelona and surroundings. For example: Barcelona 080 Fashion Week (full album ), Extreme Barcelona 2018 (full album), Woman Flow & SUP Event, pilates, yoga and fitness on a board (full album) and Article in the sports world newspaper.

Experience with Zoo De Barcelona

Photography + Filmmaking – Wildlife

I contacted the zoo via email, proposing a value proposition in which I helped them through my photographs and videos to document the commitment they have with the nature and wildlife on their social networks and website. I met with the former director of marketing Carla Lima and she liked my idea and from September 2017 to October 2018 I have been documenting all conservation actions, educational campaigns and nature preservation by the Zoo de Barcelona in the city of Barcelona and surroundings. Many of my images today are still used in the Zoo’s social networks and advertising campaigns to preserve species such as the Dorcas Gazelle, the otter, among others.

I do not think that the place for a wild animal is to be behind bars but currently all the animals in the Zoo come from ancestors that were captured in the wild and it is currently impossible to introduce the specimens to the wild or animals that rescue from the illegal trade of species or places where their needs are not properly covered.

With what do I work

Tools for the session


  • Main camera body Canon 5D Mark VI
  • Secondary body Canon 6D
  • Telephoto lens Canon de 70-200mm f2.8
  • Telephoto lens Tamron de 24-70mm f2.8
  • Telephoto lens Canon de 50mm f1.4
  • Tripod and flashes Canon Speedlite 430ex II


  • Camera Sony RX 100 II
  • Canon  5D mark IV
  • Action camera Insta 360 ONE X
  • Lenses Carl Zeiss 24- 200mm f.2.8
  • Previous photography lenses
  • Spotlights, tie microphones and light cannon
  • Image stabilizer and tripod

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