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Photography - Filmmaking - Wildlife

My Goal

Convey the message you want through capturing light, in time.

Nature and wildlife is my passion, and capturing its nuances is an unparalleled opportunity. Equally, doing the actual works suppouses a similarly exigent task. Finding someone capable of capturing those nuances, with creative ideas, and with the appropriate tools  in order to convey the appropriate message is, in the same way, a arduous challenge.
My value proposal is focused on offering my services addressing those common handicaps found in wildlife photographers (creativity, personality, and timing), while maintaining a high quality standard in the edition and the professional relationship.

Who can I be the most useful to?

My proposal is oriented to safari lodges, businesses, natural reserves, or associations that need a (photo or videographic) report of natural areas with commercial or solidarity goals (digital or non digital).

For example (but not limited to) the diffusion of a message through the social media or advertising campaigns for the promotion of social consciousness or a safari.

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What do I offer?

A 360 photography or filmmaking service oriented to the diffusion of preservation messages emotionally-meaningful, with your own specifications and tailored to your preferences. Adjusted to your needs – not only in time but also in locations as well as in quality standards.



My long hours of practice have allowed me to being able to carry out both services –photography and filmmaking – in a single session, in a competent way.

Quickness And Punctuality

The relationship with my clients is always of maximum professionality, and for me professionality includes punctuality and effectiveness.


The value and the differentiation factor that my works have is that quiddity of personality and uniqueness that make them different and feel personal.

What do my clients say?

Take a look to what my wildlife-related clients say about my services and find out who they are.

Photographing wild animals is always a challenge. Aitor has captured, with special sensitivity and a very personal style, the life that vibrates in the zoo of Barcelona in the numerous photographs and videos that have helped us to show our work, the relationships with their caretakers and the visitors.

Maria Josep, Zoo de BarcelonaMarketing Director

How will we work?

In case you’re wondering, these are the steps we would be following.


Request Your Quote

Through a very simple form, you'll let me know you and your situation (Request Quote)


I'll send you a tailored proposal (either for photography or filmography), including the quote for the work you want.

Reserve Session

En caso que estés de acuerdo, procedemos al primer pago del 50% del importe total
In case we reach an agreement, we'll proceed to the first payment of the 50%.


We'll proceed to the provision of the services, which will include the editing of the material.


I'll present you the edited material, and you can request changes or give the okay.


At the end, and when you are satisfied, we'll proceed to the final payment of the remaining 50%

Do you want to see my works?

If you prefer to see what my style is, you can look on my works and find out if this is what you are looking for.


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How will you professionalize your image?

Find out whether I’m the type of professional you like to work with
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